Maui Community Home School

 Kether Hollabaugh
Third/Fourth Grades
I began my journey as a Waldorf teacher in 2002, founding a Waldorf-inspired Home School Center on the Big Island of Hawaii through 2013. Over the years, the Home School Center grew to serve toddlers through age 13, with multiple trained Waldorf-trained teachers, parents and folks from the community coming in and teaching the children all sorts of skills and arts. It was a lovely community, and together we co-created so much for and with our children. I will always remember that chapter with a deep gratitude and love. In 2011, our family moved to Maui so that my oldest daughter, Casia, could attend Haleakala Waldorf High school. But before then, in 2010, a new member of our family was born, Anna Marie Rose, and that gave inspiration to begin a Waldorf-inspired Home School Community again – now on Maui!
"Learning is natural and meaningful when a child can relate with the curriculum "
Here on Maui, I have been so delighted to find such a passionate, home school community. Wow! Co-creating a Waldorf-inspired Home School Community has been such a JOY for me. I am enjoying every moment of it!

My love of bringing Waldorf education to my own children and to other home schooling families comes out a primal impulse to co-create more of a “village” feeling, to collectively raise our children in smaller sub-communities of families, where children of all ages, as well as parents, grandparents, and community members come together to learn and grow together in a much more organic way, than even the best Waldorf institution can offer. 

Malia Laurelin
First/Second Grades
Malia began her Waldorf teaching career in 1979 while living in a Camphill Community, in Scotland where she studied Curative Education. She received her Waldorf Teaching Certificate from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California. After teaching for some years, Malia trained in Stuttgart, Germany as a Handwork teacher and returned to the U.S. to train teachers. Malia loves Waldorf education and is passionate about weaving in additional contemporary practices such as developing critical thinking skills, fostering engagement and collaboration, cultivating a more student led classroom while building self-confidence, and consciously working with a growth mindset. Over the decades she supplemented her class teaching with Social Inclusion, Restorative Justice, Positive Discipline, Mindfulness Curriculums, Non Violent Communication, Making Math Real and Spacial Dynamics. Malia creates a nurturing, calm and healthy learning environment offering those social and emotional learning tools to help prepare students as they navigate in life.

Malia moved to the Big Island in 2006 and was instrumental in opening the first Waldorf charter school in Hawaii. She helped to develop a Compassionate Campus program, mentored teachers, and was a class and handwork teacher. She taught in the Kula Makua Teacher Training from Honolulu and served as an adjunct faculty member at Rudolf Steiner College as a field supervisor and mentor.
Another big move took her to the Bay area where she served as a Lower School Educational Coordinator and class teacher in Marin. She also taught in a Nature and Environmental Studies program. This was an outdoor classroom for 3rd grades, one day a week, focusing on eco-literacy, experiential learning, mindfulness practices, generating a love and reverence for nature and stewardship for the earth.

Malia has a special love for color and fibers- crafting of all kinds. She likes to cook, read, hike, kayak, swim with wild dolphins, garden and putter with plants. She also enjoys photography, travel and exploring various cultures around the world. She is the parent of three Waldorf graduates.
Kaylea May Worm
I was born and raised in Colorado, on beautiful working ranches and farms throughout my childhood and adolescence. My family members were all educators, My Granddad teaching at a college, my grandma at a high school, and my mom at an elementary and preschool throughout my childhood. Naturally, I had been surrounded by children and teachers since a very young age which sparked my dream of becoming a teacher myself.

I did receive my teaching certificate, and taught at San Diego where I was the lead teacher of a Forest Kindergarten with children ages 3 to 6 years old. I continued growing my skills and passion for teaching with Susan Seiger, (All Friends Nature School), until I made the decision to move to Maui and share my knowledge and experience on this beautiful island.

I am here to see the generations coming after us thrive in an environment that caters to the needs of the young and growing. I’m here to see that each child gets his or her very unique needs met in a well-rounded, healthy, wholesome way.
I believe that holding a safe, comfortable container for children while also encouraging exploration and healthy risks and challenges is a vital role that I take on as Teacher. I’m inspired by the way children grow and thrive right before my eyes, taking in the songs, stories, play and rituals of our day. Children thrive when there is a day to day rhythm they can count on, including time all together with Teacher in circle, snack, craft or play and time with just other friends, learning cooperation and practicing imaginative play.

It is very special and meaningful for me to have found Ms Kether and this lovely home school co-op and I am feeling honored and excited to be a part of the magic here, looking forward to teaching and looking forward to learning with these Dear Wonderful children.

Ilse Menger
Fifth/Sixth Grade
My homeschool journey started more than 20 years ago with my stepson while our family was traveling the United States in a '56 Cadillac. My outlook on education and my approach toward teaching have changed quite a bit, and I have been able to develop my own style of teaching since then. Even though I appreciate the Waldorf philosophy, I do not strictly adhere to it. My aim is to ignite and cultivate curiosity in the subjects I'll be teaching this year and instill a life long love of learning. We will focus strongly on academic subjects through stories, art, games, cooperative problem solving and hands-on projects.
William Cote
Wood Working
William teaches our kids to use their hands and creative spirit to shape wood. The use of tools is very important in a child's development. Creating something with their own hands, gives our children a sense of pride and accomplishment and teaches them patience and perseverance.