Maui Community Home School

Weekly Homework Assignments
Homework for Pulelehua Class - 3rd/4th Grade Class (8-11 year olds)

Pulelele Homework for Makahiki/Thanksgiving Break
(You have 10 days from today to complete):

Finishing old homework pages in your Main Lesson books:
Finish round, seasonal calendar, if you have not.
Finish “Measurement Terms” page if you have not.
Finish “The Standardized Inch” page if you have not.
Finish “The Foot and Yard” page if you have not, and mark quarter and half inches on your drawn rulers on this page.
Solve any unfinished number riddles in your MLB.
On the “homework tab” on our website, scroll back to see chalkboard writing for any unfinished writing in your MLB, and finish all your writing pages over this break.
Correct punctuation for ALL your writing pages in MLB to date. (Punctuation is: capital letters, commas, periods, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation marks, etc.)
In our recent “Number Dictation”, (place value dictation) please correct the numbers that you checked.
Finish this week’s number riddles that were on the board. (See photo of chalkboard on this web page.)
Finish your home measurement assignment, if you still need to.
Be sure that the following flashcards are completed: 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 12’s.
New Assignments:
Write a draft into your journal about Makahiki:
What is Makahiki about? (describe it in at least 4 ways)
Write about 4 elements of our Makahiki celebration that you liked most?
Correct your punctuation in your draft, and then write into your MLB with beautiful penmanship, and illustrate in any way you choose.
Write your 6 times tables flash cards.
Have your next times tables Challenge ready for Tuesday, November 27.
Please measure your kitchen table, smallest window, and largest window in your house. Measure in yards, feet and inches. Measure to the closest quarter inch.
(Write in words: 3 yards, 1 foot and 2 and 1 half inches, by 1 yard, 1 foot, and 2 and 1 half inches, by 2 feet and six inches. Also write in numerals: (3 yards, 1’, 2 ½” x 1 yard, 1’ ½ ”, x 2’ 6”) and illustrate your items indicating the measurements of each side you measured.) Remember: We measure and note the longest measurement first, (often the length). Second, measure the width. Third, measure the depth or height (if the item has a height or depth.)
Practice Gratitude song, Donkey song, It is Fall Time song. (There is a video for the Donkey song on this web page.)
Practice knowing the names of the notes, and how to finger them on your flute , as seen on your sheet music for Gratitude, and It is Fall Time.

Place Value Exercise

Nov 6-8

Aloha Pulelehua students,

I surely did miss you this week!  I am happy you had a good week with Ms. Hannah, all your teachers, and even Kumu Lei'ohu Ryder!  I saw pictures of your harvest from our own garden!  Maikahi!  Beautiful kalo and uala!  We will eat it at our feast!

For your homework this weekend, I would like you to practice your Aloha ka Manini hula.  Please watch the video.  Notice that there are parts of the song where McKayla free-style dances.  You may do that too. I understand that we may only dance the 1st two verses, but please practice the whole dance as you see on the video many times.  I will see how it looks on Tuesday, and we will decide.

Please also practice the hula that Kumu Lei'ohu taught you while it is fresh in your memory!  Practice it a lot.  She also will be back on Tuesday, so we will practice with her once more.

Please practice your flutes many times, so that the song "Gratitude" sounds lovely!  There is a video of that for you to watch also.

For your written homework this weekend, I would like you to be sure that the following flash cards are complete:  3, 4, 5, 12, and some of you were working on 2.  Please bring another challenge this week, of one of these times tables.  Pick one and surprise me!

Choose 5 spelling words from this year, that are the trickiest for you, and practice them.  Tell me what they are on Tuesday.

Lastly, I would like you to write the words to the first 2 lines of Aloha ka Manini , so that you know what you are dancing to.  Please write into your main lesson books in your best cursive writing, with a border of your choice around your pages.  You may illustrate a beautiful manini fish.  (You may also write more verses of this song if you would like!)

I can't wait to see you in a few days!

Much love,
Ms. Kether

Lyrics to Oli Mahalo Chant
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Oct 23-25

1.    Finish writing “Staying Connected with Paradise” if you need to, and illustrate the human being with the thread of light connecting to the heavenly light.
2.    Write “Leaving Paradise” with correct punctuation, and illustrate the Cherubim standing before the gate of Paradise as guardians.
3.    Write your 3’s and 4’s times table flash cards.
4.    Practice your flute – “Gratitude” song and “It is Fall” song.
5.    Beginning readers - read with your parent/guardian/aunty/uncle every day.

If you forget your materials to do your homework, call Ms. Kether to make alternative arrangements for getting your homework done.  Don't use it as an excuse not to do your homework.  I believe in you!

Oct 16-18

Please see blog for explanation of what Pulelehua class has been up to in class this week.  

Below is the text for "the edelweiss" that your child may write into their main lesson book in cursive writing, using "sky, sun, earth" "baby bear".  They will know what that means.  They may also leave room in the corner of their page for artwork for the edelweiss flower.

Lilia, Anna, Araeya, and Brie only may write a "draft" into their journals about "the deadly nightshade".

For students who have not finished their writings from our different stories this week, please finish that up to over this 4-day break as well!

Please help your child practice their spelling words. For beginning readers, use these spelling words to practice phonetic awareness.  That is more important than the spelling, for them, but still practice writing and sounding them out as they write them.  Can also practice spelling them aloud while sounding them out.

ALL STUDENTS:  Many children have passed their 2's challenges this week.  A few still need to do this!  PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS READY WITH THEIR 2's CHALLENGES ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!  Practice all of these 4 days off, so that they are solid!  

The next times table challenge is 3's.  Those who have completed their 2's challenges, please move on tho your 3's!!!! We will begin 3's challenges this week.  The song to the 3's is "row, row, row your boat".  After 3's will be 5's challenges.
We are beginning our 4's in class right now.

Students are beginning to learn musical notation in class.  More about this soon.... : )
For now, please see the flute videos for music practice.  : )
The blessing will be offered at our Makahiki celebration - so practice, practice!

Summer Homework for Pulelehua Class - 3rd/4th Grade Class (7.5-9.5 year olds)

Nov 6-8 Homework
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