Maui Community Home School

Maui Community Homeschool
Ohana-style schooling inspired by Waldorf wisdom

October 29, 2018

Aloha everyone,
I wanted to be sure that everyone is up to date on what was discussed at our All-Parent Taco Thursday meeting last week.  Thank you to all who came!  Thank you to Hannah for leading us in greater organization, connection and co-creation!

Hannah lead us all through the Trello website and application.  William has a video copy of that training, if anyone would like to watch it.

We agreed upon a 30-day grace period to give folks time to transition to this platform.  I will be sending out brief texts letting you all know that I have posted something on Trello, to alert you.  However, once you are signed into Trello, you automatically receive notifications from Trello via text (when you have the ap on your phone), and by email anytime something is posted that you have been connected to.  You really don't need me to notify you via text, but I will do this for the rest of November in case anyone has not gotten themselves signed-up to all the groups under the "Whole School Need to Know" board, and on your "Class" boards for whichever classes your children are in.

We all took a moment to reflect upon the great success of our new building for our first and second graders!  It looks great!  Fine-tuning is still in process, but we are able to begin using it now!  A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO WILLIAM FOR LEADING THIS PROJECT WITH DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE, CARE TO BEAUTY, QUALITY, DETAIL, AND AFFORDABILITY!  THANK YOU WILLIAM FOR ALSO BEING THE ONE WE CAN COUNT ON FOR THE MANY BUILDING/CANOPY REPAIRS AND UPGRADES.  The weather has been so challenging while we have been striving to get these building and rain protection in working order.
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED GET OUR BUILDINGS AND KINDERGARTEN AREA UP AND RUNNNG!!!!!!  SPECIAL THANKS TO TIM, TOSH, JOSHUA, JERRY AND LEVI AND TO EVERYONE ELSE TO JUMPED-IN FROM TIME TO TIME!!  William still needs help with plenty of projects that we are working on with buildings, canopies, repairs, and improvements.  We have just gotten to a operating level - now we are finishing many, many things....  Please stay connected and help as much as you can.  : )  Thanks!

Thank you also to everyone who has lent a hand in helping us get our school year up and running!  You know who you are (so do I).

We also discussed the huge changes that have happened with our enrollment over the summer, and early this fall.  We are at a little more than 50% enrollment, and have many, many families who are deeply financially challenged.  I have a few families paying a bit in advance, by paying quarterly, as well as a large past tuition check coming from last home school year.  These larger payments, along with regular monthly payments are barely able to carry us through January. We don't have enough monthly monetary tuition coming in to pay our overhead.  REPEAT:  BASED ON OUR CURRENT INCOMING MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS, WE ONLY HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS TO CARRY US THROUGH JANUARY - AND EVEN THAT IS EXTREMELY TIGHT.  If you are behind in your tuition payments, or your annual supplies payments, we really need to receive those absolutely as soon as possible!

Because things got so behind in the maintenance of the property while I was away this summer, we are also out of compliance with our agreed upon use of this property.  Work/trade families are spread out in a variety of maintenance projects to help with both the home school programs, and with maintaining the classrooms, and property.  There are not enough hands currently helping with what we are behind with.  Can you help?

All families, whether work/trade or not, are needed to help our home school keep growing in a positive way.  Nothing stays the same in life... everything is in a process of evolution or decay.  PARENTS WHO CAN STAY IN THE MORNINGS AFTER DROP-OFF, OR PERHAPS WORK BEFORE OR AFTER PICK-UP for a bit to help manage the weeding on the property, a little at a time, will be so very much appreciated!  Let me now if you can do this from time to time, and I will show you the key areas we need to manage.  Thank you!  All families are required to offer 10 volunteer hours per school year, and of course much more is needed to keep evolving our community.

We discussed some possible short-term fundraisers (like car washes) and doing a vary large fundraiser in February, similar to what we did 2 years ago at Lumeria.  This would include a silent auction, and on-line advertising.  We have a couple of parents - Lisa, and Ceylan who jumped right in with some ideas to help this big fund raiser bring in LOTS of revenue to our community. We all agreed that it will take A LOT OF ADVANCE PLANNING TO MAKE THIS FUND RAISER THE SUCCESS THAT WE NEED IT TO BE TO GET THROUGH THE END OF THE YEAR!  We are needing to do 2 smaller fundraisers that bring in $500-$1,000 each before the big fundraiser to meet our overhead.  If you have ideas, please, please let me know!  More about fundraising to come!

We are at an exciting point in the evolution of our unique Homeschool Community.  We have the guarantee of being on this property for the rest of our homeschool year (through the summer), and possibly longer, as well.  The owners are renegotiating with us year-by-year.  The property is on the market, but is not moving.  We would really love to find an investor to take it off the market, and offer us a long-term lease, or something even better! Our program is so wonderful, that we would easily qualify for many different kinds of grants.  I have successfully written grant proposals for a community much like this that I founded and directed on the Big Island.  However, what a grantor looks at first and foremost is the stability of the program.  I am seeking support to put into writing just what we are doing, what our vision is, and the difference we are making in children's and family's lives!  We would like to put a package together with beautiful photos, as well as make a video that can circulate and showcase what we are doing!  Please let me know if you know someone who you feel could be helpful in these efforts. 

Also, many families don't know this, but we have a bigger vision for our organization that includes multiple families living on this land, a sustainable farm, a community building with a commercial kitchen, and studio spaces for our community to be able to use to offer their work out of - body work, yoga, consultations, etc.  We would also be able to rent our our community space. Our intention is to have a sustainable community to support the holistic raising of children, following the indications of Rudolf Steiner, and practicing NVC, meditation, and inclusivity.

We are NOW seeking a non-profit organization who would be willing to "umbrella" us as a project of their organization.  We potentially have people here on Maui, (and other places) that are interested in offering tax-deductible donations to help us during this time.  Finding such an organization will also help us in receiving grants in the near future.  Do you know anyone who might be willing to sponsor us as a project so that we could receive donations and offer legitimate tax deductible receipts?  We are looking to do this NOW, so that folks who would like a 2018 tax write-off could consider contributing to our efforts.

 We have installed a lock box by the bulletin board outside my kitchen door.  Please drop your payments in an envelope.  Please write on your envelope the how much you are paying, how you would like it applied, your name, and any other information that brings me clarity when I open it.  Then log onto Trello under Payments and Contributions.  Make a new card for the month you are paying, and put the details there.  Do this for every payment.

One of our 2 large festivals is coming up soon.... MAKAHIKI FESTIVAL. - November 15th!
Makahiki is a celebration of Ohana.  It is a celebration of the harvest - the abundance of having all we need.  It is a time of peace.  It is a time of coming close and listening to each other.  Of honing our skills, and developing our talents - and sharing them!  This is unofficially our official OPEN HOUSE.  This is a time to invite families who you feel will really appreciate this unique, natural, nurturing, nature-based, artistic, musical, chana-based Waldorf-inspired community home school!  What we are doing is so special.  Please invite other home schoolers and families who you feel will appreciate our special co-creation for our keiki.  Arrival is between 8:30-9.  We will make food first, share our cultural presentation of reverence, warmth, and gratitude, sing, eat, and play traditional Makahiki games!  Festival will probably end around 2.  Families are asked to stay and help clean up and put things away before leaving around 3.  You will be contacted soon to serve in an area at the festival, helping children to process and make foods, make lei, and to help with the games.  THIS YEAR, WE ARE BLESSED TO RECEIVE GUIDANCE AND ALOHA FROM KUMU LEI'OHU RYDER AND UNCLE GEORGE KAHUMOKU JR.  We will be filling a gift basket for these two beloved Kupuna.  Please collect and bring delicious crackers, cookies, coffees, teas, fruits, vegetables, and other gifts of aloha.  A basket will be placed at the sign-in table by my back door.  Collections will begin this week for packaged gifts.  

Kumu Lei'ohu Ryder will come to sing and talk story, and teach the older 2 classes this week on Wednesday, and next week on Tuesday.  If these families of Na Nai'a and Pulelehua could offer $5 on these 2 days, I will put it in her Mahalo card.  Cards will also be at the sign-in table, if you would like to write a personal note.

Managing mud, managing weeds, and mulching composting toilets requires a lot of mulch - everyday!  We are seeking truckloads of mulch so that we have a mountain to work with in all the ways we use it each week.  Who do you know who can help us receive mulch?

This is the first lengthy communication I have put out this year, and I had hoped for better attendance at Thursday's meeting, but we had quite an illness going around our community!  In the future, I will strive to have shorter updates, largely on Trello, so you don't have to read such a long letter! 

I want to be transparent with how we are evolving our home school and community, and how you can help, and how you can be helping to attract others who would like to help.

Thank you!

Me ke aloha pumehana,