Maui Community Home School

When we come together to provide our children a solid rhythm, curriculum that really nurtures and connects with their development, an active and consistent relationship with nature, the opportunity to teach others, as well as learn from others, freedom to explore and express, and a holistic approach to experiencing all learning, in an environment of reverence, presence, love and joy, we are raising human beings who are genuinely more confident, caring, and connected to themselves, others, and their world.

One of the chief tasks of Waldorf education is to bring life to knowledge. Learning is natural and meaningful when a child can relate with the curriculum. Waldorf education strays away from traditional approaches in how and when they are taught. The subjects are taught in a hands-on experiential style, without textbooks. We use the arts, storytelling, rhythmic work, and music so that students use all their senses to achieve a deeper and more meaningful learning experience. We also intentionally stray away from media use in education. Media damages the developing child’s senses, and directly numbs creative thinking in the brain.

Waldorf curriculum is based on children’s developmental stages. Steiner believed students go through three major developmental stages. The first, early childhood, lasts until about seven, when children start to get their permanent teeth. During this stage, Steiner posits that children learn best through physical activity and play. The second stage is said to go from seven to fourteen, when children learn through feeling and imagination and the arts speak deeply to them. The final stage is the thinking stage, when students’ brains have developed in such a way to begin developing their intellectual abilities.

And so here on Maui, we co-create an authentic model of education, standing on the solid platform of Waldorf education, incorporating that which is relevant to our children and our unique home school community, to co-create a joyful, meaningful, consistent and connected education and childhood for our children. Thank you to each of you for all you give to help this home schooling community thrive!

 Kether Hollabaugh