Maui Community Home School

Maui Children’s Community Home School brings home school children together in a rhythmic way to learn together, learn from each other, and the opportunity to be in a consistent community where long-term relationships offer friendship, peer-mentoring, reflection and accountability. The wisdom of Waldorf education provides the underpinning and primary platform for this community, and yet many “schools of thought” are incorporated into the flow of classes and activities..

One of the chief tasks of Waldorf education is to bring life to knowledge. Learning is natural and meaningful when a child can relate with the curriculum. Waldorf education strays away from traditional approaches in how and when they are taught. The subjects are taught in a hands-on experiential style, without textbooks. We use the arts, storytelling, rhythmic work, and music so that students use all their senses to achieve a deeper and more meaningful learning experience. We also intentionally stray away from media use in education. Media damages the developing child’s senses, and directly numbs creative thinking in the brain.